Writing Coercive Control
Writing Coercive Control Episode 3: Winnie M Li

Writing Coercive Control Episode 3: Winnie M Li

On her thriller COMPLICIT, #metoo, and workplace coercive control in the film industry

Coercive control is endemic and therefore it must be cultural. If 1 in 2 women experience coercive control, it’s in our homes in childhood. How does this affect us? And how do we talk—and write—about it? This 6-part live-recorded, interactive talk series will inspire writers and readers to explore literature about coercive control in wider contexts, including state control, parent/child relationships, historical control, and control in industry and workplace. Guests include authors Sahar Delijani, Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, Winnie M Li, and Chimene Suleyman, who will discuss their experiences writing coercive control.

In this episode, The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize-winning author and activist Winnie M Li talks about workplace coercive control in her thriller COMPLICIT, following Sarah Lai, a young woman working in the film industry in NY. and LA as she navigates toxic power dynamics, coercion, and sexual assault within the industry. With host, author Abigail Tarttelin, Winnie talks about how she drew from her own experiences working in the entertainment industry to explore why and how the dream of making it in Hollywood creates a working environment where coercive control is endemic and goes unreported.

Also, host Abigail reads from her own work-in-progress novel, ORDINARY WOMAN TURNS 30, an autofiction novel about a woman dealing with the aftermath of coercive control in an intimate partner relationship as she approaches her 30th birthday.

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Writing Coercive Control
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